Active Service Members, Spouses, and Veterans - Get Your Tattoos Here

Service men and women play a huge role in the freedoms we share in this country. That’s why it’s so important to celebrate them. While there are certain holidays (Memorial Day and Veterans Day to name a few) dedicated to these brave men and women, they should be top of mind all day, every day. A tattoo is one great way to commemorate the service of this special crew. A tattoo serves as a permanent reminder and many service men, women, and their families choose to recognize their military achievements in this way. If you, your spouse, or a member of your family is a veteran or active service member interested in getting a tattoo, King’s Head Tattoo is a high-quality tattoo shop in San Diego that salutes our military and appreciates the work they do. Here are a few reasons to consider one of our San Diego tattoo artists for this important moment. Experience is On Your Side Deciding on what tattoo to get can be a nerve wracking experience. It’s only natural to be a bit on edge about the whole process. Many active duty and veteran military members choose to get a tattoo that truly reflects their experience in the service (a flag, mementos of a specific time frame, battle, or experience, etc). These tattoos are deeply meaningful and must be done just right. That’s why finding the right shop is so important. If you find yourself in this boat, this high quality tattoo shop in San Diego is the perfect fit. The four artists on staff have over 50 years of combined experience in the tattoo industry. They’re knowledgeable, personable, and care deeply about our military members. This is exactly the team you want by your side as you get your memento tattoo. A Style for Everyone Each military story is unique. That’s why it is so important to find San Diego tattoo artists that are well-versed in a variety of styles and specialities. At King’s Head Tattoo, we have artists that can tattoo nearly anything from full body work to the smallest, most meaningful pieces. We even have retired Navy Veteran and SWCC team member Justin Wilson as a tattoo artist with first hand experience of what it means to serve. A collection of pieces from each artist can be found on our website, so you can easily browse designs that speak most closely to you, and select the artist that resembles your personal style. A Little Inspiration While many service men and women choose to get a tattoo to reflect their time in the armed forces, it can be difficult to choose a design. If you’re going for something military-related, popular picks include the American flag, a design with number of years in the service, branch logos, and freedom quotes. Regardless, our San Diego tattoo artists are here to help. We’ll walk you through each step of the design process and offer additional inspiration as you make your decision. Tell us your ideas and we can make them come to life. Time to Get Your Tattoo! When you choose King’s Head Tattoo to help you with your new ink, you’ll feel right at home. This high quality tattoo shop in San Diego will provide you the best customer service, prices, and artwork on the market. We appreciate our vets and active service members. Call us today!