Can’t Decide Where to Land Your New Ink? Here are Four Trending Locations

The decision to get a new tattoo is not something to be taken lightly. You’ve likely done months of planning and research browsing inspiration boards and getting input from friends and family. Once you’ve settled on a design you love, the process starts all over! You may be struggling with where to plant your new ink. Like most things in art, unique tattoo locations run the gamut and come and go with changing fads. That said, there are some tattoo locations that have really gained traction in recent years. Whether this is your first tattoo or you’re hoping to add to a large collection these unique tattoo locations are something to consider. It’s time to start shopping tattoo places in San Diego! Your Upper Thighs There’s something quite personal about a thigh tattoo. It’s one of the thicker parts of your body drawing plenty of strength and stamina. However, if you’re opting for a thigh tattoo something dainty simply won’t do. Go for a thick design with bold colors and plenty of meaning. Best yet, the thigh is one of the easiest spots for a tattoo artist to work magic. It’s a flat surface and the pain is more tolerable here than many other locations. The Inner Lip The inner lip is one of the most unique tattoo locations on the market. It’s certainly not a show-boat spot which makes it perfect for those weary of something more public. Plus, these tattoos tend to fade much quicker than some of the more prominent outer skin locations. In fact, you can expect an inner lip tattoo to last approximately one to three years, which may be another reason this quirky location is becoming so popular. Your Fingers This trend is so much fun and is slowly beating the wrist tattoo trend. Many tattoo places in San Diego love doing dainty, detailed tattoos on the fingers. With such a small, skinny canvas, this tattoo design really tests the artist’s skill. You can really play around with your tattoo doing anything from unique galactic designs to more personal symbols and emblems. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this tattoo location trend. The Elbow The elbow is the latest tattoo trend when it comes to fun locations. It’s unexpected and you can really get creative with the type of design placed here. Spherical objects are most popular for this location so channel design ideas like globes, mandalas, spider webs, eyeballs, or planets. Still more, vertical designs creeping a bit further up the arm are another great option. You really can’t go wrong! Ready to Roll? If you’re ready to shop tattoo places in San Diego, check out King’s Head Tattoo in Pacific Beach. With a trendy location and an eclectic group of amazing artists we can offer input on your next tattoo location while creating the tattoo design of your dreams. Plus, we take pride in our commitment to safety ensuring you feel comfortable every step of the way. Come see us today!