Considering a Tattoo? Make Sure You Find a Reputable Shop First

Chances are good that you have at least considered a tattoo at some point in your life because around 30% of Americans are currently walking around with one or more tattoos on their body. However, if you are new to the idea of getting some ink done, you may be a little unsure of how to vet the tattoo shops in San Diego and narrow down the choices. Tips for Finding Reputable Tattoo Shops When you first start thinking about getting a tattoo, you will likely start noticing the ink other people are sporting. The easiest way to get familiar with who is doing work in your area is to start asking. See a tattoo you really like, ask the person where they got it. Anytime someone mentions one of the tattoo shops in the San Diego area, go ahead and jot that name down. Customer word of mouth is one of the best and honest forms of advertising. Most people are ready to tell you about their bad experiences (this is true of everything, not just tattoo shops!) So when you hear someone raving about a place, you are definitely going to want to take note. Once you have compiled a decent sized list of reputable tattoo shops within driving distance, you can start checking them out. A lot of artists nowadays will have some sort of social media page or website showcasing their work, but you can also stop by the shop and flip through their photo albums. Keep in mind all of these photos are going to be the artist’s best work. No one shares pictures of their fails. So, if the work is only is the best they can do. Keep that in mind, and don’t jump in the chair of the first artist you see. Do your due diligence when searching for reputable tattoo shops, just like you would when buying a car. Cleanliness should be a big factor when making your decision. You are looking for a shop that is pristine. The workspace should be neat and organized, and the artist should be washing his or her hands and wearing surgical-style gloves. The needles should be in sterile packages that are opened in front of you, and the tattoo machine should be fresh out of the autoclave. If anything looks dirty, ill-maintained, or like it needs a wash, head for the door. Getting work done at a shop that doesn’t take sterilization seriously can lead to a whole slew of infections and diseases. King’s Head Tattoo: Your Reputable Tattoo Shop in San Diego Getting a tattoo should be a well thought out decision, and you should definitely do your homework before choosing a tattoo shop in San Diego. At King’s Head Tattoo, we are a professional studio that provides the highest of standards. Our artists have created award-winning designs and will be happy to answer your questions about their work. When you are looking for a reputable shop, King’s Head should be at the top of your list.