Curious About Your New Tattoo? A Brief History of Tattooing Throughout the Years

The tattoo industry is booming as of late. Garnering billions of dollars in revenue every year, I think it’s safe to say that tattooing has transcended its former perception as an item of stigma and rebellion. Now, it’s quite “cool” to have a tattoo and people get them for a myriad of reasons from sentiment to style. If you’re ready for your next Mission Beach tattoo King’s Head Tattoo is one of the best Pacific Beach tattoo parlors. The team has over fifty years of combined experience, the parlor is located in a fun, trendy spot, and the space is clean and well cared for. You’ll feel an immediate sense of comfort when visiting this shop making the tattoo experience all the more exciting. However, before diving into your next Mission Beach tattoo, it helps to review a brief history of this age old art: A Brief History on Tattoos Tattoos have appeared in different parts of the world for ages. Different styles and techniques have emerged, faded, and combined to create what we know as tattooing today. Tools used for tattooing date back almost 12,000 years to prehistoric times. In ancient Egypt and India tattoos were used for healing and religious celebration. Even now, archived mummies are often tagged with tattoos. Still more, Celtic tribes used tattoos as identifying symbols and many of the Pacific countries often used tattoos as punishment or marks of rank. The tattooing process of the past was much more rigid and practical, but many of the techniques and theories behind this creative outlet have lasted and emerged with more modern techniques. The Here and Now Clearly, the purpose behind a tattoo has changed quite dramatically. Nowadays, most people seek a tattoo as a form of art and self-expression. Many people also opt for new ink to commemorate a life event, special person, or special sentiment. Gone are the days where tattoos were used as forums for punishment or stigma. Getting a Mission Beach tattoo is a way to show off a personality, share a story, or spread a faith or belief system. Tattoos are highly personal and almost always done by choice. Additionally, the tattooing process is much more sterile than it was in the past and the stigma of disease is long gone. Most Pacific Beach tattoo parlors will even post health inspection certificates so you can relax throughout the tattooing process. Now, getting a tattoo is as commonplace as visiting the dentist or the grocery store. Are You Ready to Start Shopping Pacific Beach Tattoo Parlors? With a little history in your back pocket it’s time to start shopping for a place to get your next tattoo. King’s Head Tattoo is at your service and ready to help. As one of the most experienced shops in the area we are excited to help you craft the look you’ve always wanted. Call us today!