Don't Let Fear of Infection Keep You from a New Tattoo. Our Team Provides All the Tips for Post-Tatt

Getting a new tattoo is a major decision. Selecting the perfect design option is hard enough, but actually taking the plunge is another ball game. The tattooing process is intimidating to say the least, and many people fear the after effects of a new tattoo. Infections are unfortunately all too common, but they stem from lack of education on post-tattoo care. If you choose to get your San Diego tattoo at King’s Head Tattoo, you’ll not only receive a quality design, but we can put your mind at ease when it comes to caring for your skin once you leave the shop. We have some of the top tattoo artists in San Diego all of whom are well-versed in tattoo care and maintenance. You don’t need to let fear of infection rule your decision. Here are three tips and tricks for proper post-tattoo maintenance: Lots of Cleansing Any of the top tattoo artists in San Diego will make sure to place petroleum jelly and a bandage over your new ink. This step ensures your skin is well hydrated and helps ease some of the scabbing. However, the same day you get your San Diego tattoo you’ll want to remove the bandage after 2-3 hours to cleanse your skin of leftover blood. This will also let your skin breathe. Once removed, cleansing your tattoo with unscented soap and warm water on the daily is a good idea. Avoid touching your tattoo, and if you must, always wash your hands first! Be Generous with the Healing Ointment On day two and onward you’ll want to wash with water, pat dry, and apply healing ointment to the tattoo area. You’ll notice your skin naturally absorbing the ointment and creating a protective layer on the skin. This is natural and no reason to be alarmed. Your skin is simply putting you on notice that the healing process is working! You’ll want to apply ointment twice a day (even if your skin looks okay). Don’t be fooled, caring for your new San Diego tattoo with ointment is a must-do. Let Your Skin Flake About one week after healing, you’ll notice your skin begins to scale and flake. While this may seem alarming at first, this is the skin’s natural shedding process. At this time you’ll want to cease using your healing ointment and let the skin naturally flake. While it may be tempting to pick at the scabbing all the top tattoo artists in San Diego will tell you to let your skin breath, avoid picking, and let the healing process run its course. With a Focus on Safety and Standards, We’re Your Trusted Tattoo Shop! These tips and tricks are surefire ways to ensure your tattoo heals in the best way possible. At King’s Head Tattoo our artists put safety first and won’t let you leave the shop without a clear understanding of post-tattoo care. If you’re ready to take the plunge, visit our shop in Pacific Beach today!