Four of the Least Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

For many people the thought of a new tattoo is exciting and serves as a form of expression. However, the thought of the actual process and the feel of the needle digging into the skin can send many people crawling with fear. While it is certainly true that getting a new tattoo comes with a little bit of physical pain the results are well worth it. Especially if the tattoo has meaning and purpose. Plus, there are some body placements that seem a little more tolerable than others. That said, the pain also depends on the tattoo artist and their ability to keep you calm! If you’re ready to get your San Diego tattoo it’s time to call King’s Head Tattoo in Pacific Beach. This parlor hosts some of the top tattoo artists in San Diego who are highly experienced and know just the right spots for minimizing the pain of your tattoo experience. In the meantime, if you’re concerned about tattoo pain consider one of these four locations: A Finger Tattoo Getting a tattoo on any of your fingers ia great way to skirt the pain as much as possible. For one, any tattoos done on the finger will be quite small so even the most painful points on the finger won’t last long. Additionally, there are not many nerve endings on the top of the fingers which is what generates the most pain. The lack of nerve endings makes getting a San Diego tattoo on the top of any finger a flashy, fun option with minimal pain. The Stomach Obviously, the stomach does not have any bones. Bones are a painful place to get a tattoo and that’s why the stomach is so popular. With minimal pain it is also a more private, intimate area. If you’re hesitant about getting a tattoo that’s highly visible the stomach might be a great spot. Plus, this is a spacious part of the body so you can get almost any type of art placed here. The Back of the Ear The backside of the ear is a trending tattoo location as of late. It’s quaint and cute and requires a lot of details making it the perfect selection for many tattoo clients. However there’s another reason the back of the ear is such a popular location and that reason is directly connected to the pain level. The back of the ear is one of the least painful locations to get a tattoo and many of the top tattoo artists in San Diego recommend this spot for first-timers. Outer Shoulder Area The outer part of the shoulder gives tattoo clients a ton of flexibility when it comes to the type and size of tattoo they want to get. This fact alone makes the outer shoulder a popular option. However, the shoulder is once again another body part that has limited nerve endings. This means pain tolerance is quite high when getting a San Diego tattoo on the shoulder. Get Shopping for the Perfect Tattoo Parlor! If you’re ready to find the top tattoo artists in San Diego don’t forget to check out King’s Head Tattoo. This parlor knows all the latest tattoo trends and prioritizes health and safety. You’re bound to leave quite happy with your tattoo experience. Call today!