How To Choose a Tattoo Design

People choose to get a tattoo for a variety of reasons, in a variety of ways, and in a variety of different places on the body. There’s no real wrong way to go about it. Maybe you’ve always known you wanted one, you just didn’t know what to get. Or maybe you know exactly what you want if you could just pull the trigger and make an appointment. Or, maybe, you woke up the other day and said I’m going to get a tattoo today and you made an appointment and were in the chair hours later. All of these are great! But if you need a little more guidance on how to get to the tattoo chair and decide on a design, here are some tips. Make The Choices Narrow it down to the type: Do you want words or a picture? These are two big categories and then you can narrow down your choices from there. What style do you want? From watercolor tattoos to pixelated patterns, to fine dainty lines, and to traditional black ink, bold tattoos can come in all shapes and sizes. What do you see yourself looking at and smiling at and being proud to have and show? If you aren’t quite sure, look at tons of pictures to give yourself a better idea of how tattoos look on the body. Can you imagine that tattoo on your body? Where are you going to get it placed? For this, and for the other two tips, we recommend a temporary tattoo first, like henna, so you can get a real idea of the style, placement, and size of the tattoo. Get used to it for a few days and then you’ll feel confident when you walk back in the shop to get the real tattoo done. Tattoos can be deeply personal, or deeply casual. Because of this, there’s really no wrong way to go about getting one. Ask as many people as you want for their opinion; ask no one for their opinion. It’s exciting. And it’s just for you! Call in or visit King’s Head Tattoo and we can talk about your options and settle on the best tattoo for you! ​