How to Choose the Best Spot for Your Tattoo

It’s a question often asked, “where is the best spot for a tattoo” but the answer isn’t as simple as “arm” or “back” or even “wrist”. The answer is much more personal than that. Everybody has their personal preference as well as life circumstances that will affect the final answer but we have some tips to help you make the best decision for yourself. Questions To Ask Yourself Do I want the tattoo to be visible? If your answer is yes, them your arms, wrist, and neck are all fair game. If your answer is no then you might want to consider a shoulder tattoo, a back tattoo, a leg tat, or somewhere else that clothing can hide it. Will my tattoo fit where I want it? If it is a complex design with intricate details, you won’t want it done so small that it can’t be seen. To know if your tattoo deigns will work where you want it, print it out, cut it out, and move it around to different areas of your body to see how well it works there. Can I handle the pain? A bicep tattoo is a lot less painful than a tattoo across the ankle. Consider the “meatier” areas of the body for less pain. There are other considerations when choosing the best spot for your tattoo. How does your place of employment feel about tattoos? Will you need to keep it hidden at work? Will it look good where I want it? A series of stars and the word DREAM might look cool on the wrist but the same design might look odd splayed across your ankle. If all else fails, ask a professional. They have the experience to tell you where the design you want will look the best and it’s in their best interest for you to love both the design and look when it’s completed. ​