It’s a Pixelated Style Trend

As with fashion, tattoo styles come and go with the tides of whim and preference. Some trends are timeless, like a flower, or important dates, or portraits; others like feathers or anchors seem to latch onto a short generation. People tattoo quotes, names, favorite items or people, and even scenes on themselves. And with the talent and skill of artists today, there really is no limit to what can be done with needle, ink, and creativity. The creativity of today’s artists is seemingly endless, and we have been lucky to witness the boom of body art in the last few decades that has codified tattooing as a skilled, incredibly impressive artform. So what’s new in 2020 that seems to be a new and emerging trend? The pixelated tattoo. Pixelated = Personalization Pixelated tattoos seem both new age and nostalgic, speaking to our constant reliance on technology, but looking like our favorite video games from 1992. Since pixelated tattoos are about the theme and the style, you can apply the style to just about anything you want. Video game enthusiasts might get a pixelated tattoo honoring classics like Mario Kart or Zelda, while those who like the idea but want something a little different could opt for any design in the pixelated style, like a fading heart for example. Recently, pixelated tattoos have come to the forefront of trends because they strike that sweet intersection of nostalgia, new wave, and personalization. Like with any tattoo, the outcome is the result of the tattoo artists and the tattoo getter, working together to come up with the best design and bringing to life an idea. Pixelated tattoos can be colored, black and white, watercolors, faded, overlays - there aren’t any restrictions except the restriction of the mind. If you have an idea of a design in mind, just like the style and want to explore your possibilities, or don't really know where to start, pop into King’s Head Tattoo and chat with us! We love getting creative with our clients and coming up with a design that blows their mind. ​