Nervous About Getting Your First Tattoo? Don’t Be. We Make It Easy

Getting a new tattoo is no small decision. Not only is it intimidating sorting through all the design options, but it can also be a challenge finding a tattoo artist you know and trust. After all, this is a permanent decision, so you don’t want to cut corners during the search process. If you’re brand new to the tattoo industry and opting for your first ink, this process can be even more overwhelming! However, this decision is an exciting leap, and you deserve a tattoo shop that truly understands and cares about your needs as a new customer. King’s Head Tattoo is a tattoo shop in San Diego, California, that would love to help you design your first tattoo. A local favorite, the crew at King’s Head can offer you just what you’re looking for in a tattoo experience. Here are three reasons to consider one of our very own San Diego tattoo artists for your first ink! A Super Experienced Team When you’re considering your first tattoo you want to select an artist with credibility and experience. The San Diego tattoo artists at King’s Head Tattoo have a collective fifty years of experience in the industry. Their extensive list of customer testimonials says it all, and you can browse the work of each artist before ever stepping foot in the shop. The team’s attention to detail is second to none, and their artistry is true magnificence. Trendy Location Getting a tattoo should come with a great story - a story you’ll share for years to come. That said, a cool and relaxing location is something to consider when selecting your first tattoo shop experience. Located in the popular Pacific Beach area, this tattoo shop in San Diego metro checks all the boxes. Easily accessible by foot from the main stroll, the interior of the shop is just as pleasing. With great music, artists flash, a wall of custom designs and tattoo art of all styles, you’ll feel right at home. A Focus on Safety and Standards This tattoo shop in San Diego truly cares. Their website offers extensive information regarding post-tattoo care, health, and safety. The staff is extremely experienced and able to answer all your health and safety concerns. Committed to the highest standards of tattoo safety, this team is there for you long after the work is done. King’s Head Tattoo aims to take care of customers through the entire lifespan of their tattoo experience. Ready to Take the Leap? These are just a few of the many reasons King’s Head Tattoo is the best place to have your first tattoo experience. With a top-notch team, awesome location, and commitment to care you can’t go wrong! If you’re ready to take the leap, consider a free consultation with one of our San Diego tattoo artists. We’ll work together to craft a tattoo experience you’ll remember for years to come.