Never Too Old For a Tattoo

Updated: Apr 25

“What are your kids going to say?” “Do you really want to be an old man with an arm covered in ink?” “You know that’s going to look awful as you age..” Anyone that has even had the inkling to get an inking has undoubtedly heard all of these statements in one way or another. Naysayers are loud and it can be infuriating. Old-fashioned, old-school thinking markets tattoos as reserved for the young, and that by the time someone is a ‘mature adult’ they won’t want a tattoo or will regret what they got. You know what we say to that? Wrong. Double wrong. Hands down wrong. Just wrong.

Tattoos Don’t Have An Age Restriction The practice of tattooing has been around for almost as long as human history, with tribes and people imparting ritual designs onto their bodies as a way to symbolize achievements, kinship, and status. Or maybe just because they lied the way it looked. Tattoos are not new, and neither is the idea that anyone can rock one with confidence and style. ​ Now more than ever, people are using tattoos as a form of artistic self-expression. They can be fun, personal, sentimental, goofy- anything you want them to be. And along with that, tattoos and the world of ink has opened up to be an inclusive, supportive community, regardless of age or gender. If you’re 50, and think, ah my time for a tattoo has come and gone. Think of the man who got two full sleeves done at age 55, and is rocking them to this day at age 70! Still vibrant, still beautiful. Tattoos are not just for the young. They don’t even have to be just for the young at heart. Tattoos can be a deeply personal thing, or a deeply silly and whimsical thing. While we do encourage the ruminating on the permanence of body art, we remind people that it’s your expression, your path, and we’re lucky to be a part of it! Check out our portfolios, and come on in!