Out with the Old and In With the New---Is it Time to Trade-in Your Tattoo for a New Look?

People opt to get a San Diego inspired tattoo for various reasons. Whether a silly mistake or to commemorate a sentimental experience the reasons run the gamut. That said, many people later regret their tattoo of choice or grow tired of the look. In these cases, a cover up tattoo is a great route to keeping a tattooed look while opting for a new design. That said, you want only the best tattoo shops in San Diego to tackle this type of creative project. Covering up an old tattoo and designing something new is no easy feat. You need a shop with experience, taste, and a wealth of tattoo knowledge. That’s where King’s Head Tattoo makes the perfect fit. You can trust this tactful shop with even your most complicated tattoo needs. That includes cover up tattoos. If you’re ready to trade in your old tattoo for a brand new look, check out these tips, tricks, and best practices for tattoo cover-up: Keep Some Elements of the Old Design The first step in any tattoo cover up design (as explained by any of the best tattoo shops in San Diego) is to keep some pieces of the old design. It’s better to work with the existing design than to completely obliterate it. If you opt for something completely off-base you could end up with a huge mess. New ink does not cover up old tattoos, the ink sits at the same level under the skin, and is equally as transparent. Therefore, the old tattoo just hides within the new design. Instead, an experienced artist will rework existing pieces and create something beautifully new. For example, an old script can be transformed into a vine or floral pattern. Creating contrast around some of the darker areas of an existing tattoo will draw the eye outward delivering a crafty illusion. Try Fading for a Cleaner Look Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable reworking your San Diego tattoo, the art of fading is always an option. Fading is an old trick that makes cover-up so much easier. In this process, the tattoo artist will create a white-based tattoo through a series of appointments putting white ink over dark ink. Each appointment serves to lighten the skin creating a more blank canvas. You should definitely discuss the possibility of scarring with your tattoo artist before diving in. Change the Color Scheme Sometimes, a guest may love their San Diego tattoo, but prefer a different color scheme. Tattoo artists can usually accomplish this by using darker ink. However, you should be careful to only blend similar pigments. For example, blue can be merged to purple and red to brown. However, trying to turn a navy tattoo into something light and airy may not work. Make sure to have this conversation with your artist. Ready to Dive In? These are just a few of the many ways you can cover an old tattoo. No matter your reasons, King’s Head Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops in San Diego for the job. Not only do the artists boast a wealth of experience, but we also take pride in our top safety standards. If you’re ready to get rid of an old tattoo, come see us today!