Tattoo Trends for Summer 2020

Looking for some ink inspiration for your next tattoo? If so, you’ll want to get inspired by these tattoo trends for summer 2020. From cute and dainty to large color pieces, there’s something for every ink-enthusiast in these 2020 tattoo trends!

Color Tattoos

While 2019 was obsessed with minimalism and simple black lines, 2020 summer tattoos will shift towards bold, bright colors. Minimalism will still be popular, but stark, colorful tattoos are taking center stage as the next thing.

Korean-Inspired Tattoos

Korean tattoo culture has recently been a huge influence on tattoo artists worldwide, and this summer you’ll not only see the traditional cute and dainty Korean-inspired tattoos everywhere but also an emerging genre that blends other styles with the Korean aesthetic.

Fine Lines

The fine lines of 2019 are still going to be popular, but they’ll be getting even finer as tattoo artists stretch the limits of the line this summer. Though lines are getting thinner, the fine line tattoos themselves (flowers and artwork depictions) will be getting bigger and more complex this year.

80’s Theme

In 2019 there was a huge interest in 90s inspired pieces, but summer 2020 will be a salute to the 80s with everything from tribal tattoos to tattoos commemorating popular 80s cartoon characters like Tweety Bird. If you loved living in the 80s (or maybe you missed out and want to travel back in time!) let the era of punk rock, big hair, bold colors and of course, Madonna, inspire your 2020 summer tattoo!

Ear, Neck, Face, & Finger Tattoos

While these used to be a big “no-no” (tattoo artists often refused to ink clients’ face, neck, ears, and fingers unless they already had a certain number of tattoos), these tattoos are becoming more widely accepted and popular, with celebrities like Halsey, Kehlani, Shay Mitchell, and many more touting their own. If you’ve been wanting to get some ink on your face, neck, ear, or fingers, summer 2020 is the time to go for it!

Tattoo Planning

Back in the day, you decided you wanted to get your first tattoo so you waltzed into the tattoo parlor and picked a small design and that was that. Well not anymore! Tattoo artists are seeing a trend towards clients planning out intricate, large tattoos that fit together intentionally, as opposed to getting smaller, random pieces. So whether you’re going this summer for your first ever tattoo or your 20th, follow the trend and take some extra time to design a piece you’ll be proud of!