The Unwritten Rules Of Tattoo Parlor Etiquite

While thousands of people get tattoos every single day, many do not realize there is an unwritten code in the majority of tattoo parlors. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of “Do Nots” when you are in a tattoo parlor. The “Do Nots” Of Getting A Tattoo

Do not get offended if your artist requests that you change certain aspects of your desired tattoo design. Most experienced artists are able to make good judgment as to whether a certain design will or will not work when transformed into ink on the body. You need to trust your artist enough to believe they are giving you the best advice that will make your tattoo look it’s best.

Do not get a tattoo if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Not only will it be an unpleasant experience for the tattooist, but you are much more likely to bleed heavily, which in return will affect the end result of the tattoo. (It’s also most likely illegal in your city to get a tattoo if you are under the influence).

Do not ask your artist to draw you up a design so you can simply admire their creative skills. Unfortunately, there are people who go into tattoo studios, without an actual intent to get a tattoo and they ask for numerous tattoo designs to be created, inevitably, wasting the artist’s time. Don’t be that person.

Do not attempt to pressure the tattooist into engaging in conversation with you if they seem like they would prefer to work in concentrated silence. Remember, they are putting permanent art on your body. If they aren’t comfortable working while conversing with you, let them concentrate on your piece.

Do not bring children to the tattoo studio. It really is best if children refrain from attending the procedure. Tattoo studios are not the safest places for children. There is dangerous equipment you don’t want them to touch. Children are curious by nature. If you’re in the chair getting tattooed, you aren’t going to be able to supervise them appropriately to keep them out of harm’s way and keep them from potentially bothering other patrons in the studio. ​