Wear a Work of Art: King’s Head Tattoo

King’s Head Tattoo is one of San Diego’s premiere tattoo shops. This professional studio gives clients a relaxing environment where they can feel at home. Each person that books a session with a King’s Head artist can be assured that they are getting the best work possible. These artists are masters of their craft, and they have spent years perfecting their artistry. The History of this San Diego Tattoo Shop Located just a few blocks from the shore in the heart of Pacific Beach, King’s Head Tattoo prides itself on serving clients in the San Diego area with the highest of standards both in artistry and safety. The environment of the shop is always clean and comfortable with a bit of an eclectic flair. Our artists are happy to do whatever the client desires from large customized work to tiny meaningful pieces. King’s Head Tattoo is located within a historic building that was built in the 1930s, and the ambiance of the building is perfectly matched with the love of history and tradition held by the artists inside. The floor plan is open, which makes for a space that is airy and bright. This light and clean vibe, combined with the nostalgia from the historic building, creates a unique and comfortable setting for getting your artwork done. It is unlike any of the other tattoo shops in the San Diego area! The artists that call King’s Head home are some of the most passionate in the area. Our artists love creating art, and they love turning that art into tattoos. Collectively, there are more than 40 years worth of experience working in this San Diego tattoo shop! All of that experience is combined with a true passion for the art, ensuring that our clients leave 100% satisfied with the work that is done, which is also why they keep coming back again and again. Plus, in addition to our regular crew, we also host a few guest artists throughout the year who bring their own unique style and technique with them. For those looking for beautiful tattoos, King’s Head Tattoo should be your number one San Diego tattoo shop. Our seasoned artists will create a special piece of art that will last a lifetime. You can expect impeccable, nicely healing work in a pristine atmosphere. Whether you are coming in for your first piece or your fiftieth, King’s Head tattoo will get the job done, and get it done well. King’s Head Tattoo: The Best Tattoo Shop in San Diego King’s Head Tattoo is a high-quality and award-winning San Diego tattoo shop located on Garnet Ave. We are open every day of the week starting at noon. Clients can email or call to schedule a consultation to discuss their desired artwork and the price for completion. If you are ready to get started on your next tattoo, contact us today. We always welcome walk-ins, but if you want to get the job done without having to wait, scheduling an appointment is always the way to go.