The King's Head Tattoo is a professional studio located in the heart of Pacific Beach, San Diego just blocks from the beach.  We aim to serve our clients with the highest standards of safety and artistry in a clean, comfortable, eclectic environment.  We offer a full range of high quality tattoo services from large custom work, to small meaningful pieces.

Our building was built in the 1930's which comes together nicely with our appreciation for history, tradition and ritual.  Our spacious, open floor plan is always light, bright and clean. 
This combo makes for a relaxing, nostalgic vibe which can be an ideal setting to be tattooed in.     

Everyone at the shop are in the business because we are passionate about art and tattooing.  
We have a collective of 40 years tattooing experience between the four full-time artists working in the shop.  
In addition we have a couple guest artists that sit in with us a few times a year.    
Beautiful tattoos by seasoned artists equates into clean, impeccable work that will heal nicely
and last a life-time.  You let us know what you want and we will get it done and done well.



Q: I am ready to get a tattoo and want to schedule an appointment. What's next?
A: Great! Let's get you in for a consultation. You can either call, email or walk in to the studio to schedule a consultation.  Prior to the consultation please prepare any reference that you may have in mind so that you can print it out and bring it in with you. If you don't have any reference for ideas don't worry about it.  You can also just tell us what your are thinking about and we will custom design your tattoo.

Q: How does the Consultation work and how much will my tattoo cost?
A: At the consultation we will come up with a plan of action.  We will discuss your tattoo design.  We will figure out where it will go on your body and determine from there how many hours it will take. This will give us an idea of what the cost will be too. We can give you a price then.

Next we will take a deposit of a minimum of $100 and we will get you in the appointment book. Deposit amount is determined by the size, detail, time it will take to draw and ultimately time spent on the tattoo. 
The deposit will go towards the total cost of your tattoo and/or towards the time spent designing/drawing your work of art.

Please  note: If you are unable to make it to your scheduled appointment please call us 48 hours in advance. Otherwise your deposit is just payment for your artist's time spent drawing and the appointment slot is lost.
Q: What can I do to prepare for my tattoo?
A: If you can, get plenty of rest the night before.  Nourish your body with a good meal and drink plenty of water.   

Q: How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
A: State of California law requires that you must be 18 years old or older with a valid government issued ID to get a tattoo. There are no hidden loop holes for parental notes or accompaniment. 

Q: Do you take walk-ins?
A: Yes we do.  If you come in and we do not have an appointment in our chair or scheduled, we are all yours.  If not, we will do our best to get you into the next open appointment available. 

Q: Do you do coverup tattoos?
A: Absolutely. We pride ourselves in designing coverup tattoos that make your old tattoo a thing of the past.


Please keep in mind that not all tattoos are ideal candidates for coverup tattoos and we will advise accordingly. However we can usually design something bigger then your current tattoo that will be fresh and vibrant.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


"I got a tattoo here from Marty. He was extremely nice and funny. He was so patient and didn't mind having to redraw my design  like 3 times. This was my least painful tattoo. I barely felt it, he has such a soft hand and he entertained me the entire time so I didn't pay much attention to it. He gave me a decent quote. Sort of pricey but, you pay for the quality. It's been about 2 months and my tattoo has healed beautifully and it's honestly my favorite piece so far. The shop was clean and everything he used on me was brand new. They also have private rooms if you're not comfortable with getting tattooed in front of people."

"So grateful I found this shop and had my very first tattoo by Ronan. I had walked in to another shop nearby, and was ignored, so I left. Ronan greeted me kindly and treated me with great respect and understanding. Being a woman if 56, this is rare. He took the time to listen to my concerns and put them all to rest. I did not get a large piece, yet he was careful and took his time. I could not have been happier. I have recommended him to several friends and clients, and look forward to getting another piece done! Ronan is truly a gem!"

"Marty over there at Kings Tattoo is the man to see. He has done some traditional/old school work on my husband that turned out amazing!  I really like the open feel and vibe of the shop. This place is definitely a comfortable place to sit for a few hours."

"I've been a patron of Marty Conklin's since my first tattoo six years ago. Since then he has done all but one of my 14 tattoos. 
He's beyond talented, fun to spend time with and a great collaborator! I love being able to take a partial idea to him and watch it become reality. 
I've followed Marty from his previous home at another shop in PB to his new home at The Kings Head. Couldn't be happier with his new spot or the vibe in the place. Ronan & John are good people and their work is stunning. 
I will continue to sit in Marty's chair and refer my friends and family!! 
.... maybe I need a punch card..."


"This is the shop, the energy, attitude, team work and artists are amazing! Second to none, if your gonna put a tattoo on your body for life, check this place out for something that will last forever! Thanks Ronan Harvey"  

"Tattoos are forever and you definitely want to spend time thinking about it before you get one.  Coming from San Francisco their are a dime a dozen hipsters who do work, yet I chose to make the trip to San Diego just to see Ronan for my work when he was at Avalon Tattoo and now the King's Head Tattoo.  Ronan is intuitive and perceptive and I really felt that he listened to what I wanted and hit the nail on the head with the art work he came up with for my cover up.  More than that he is a likeable guy, easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable, unlike many of the makers out there that have something to prove and think you should too.  I am proud of the work Ronan gave me and when I have the chance to finish up my massive back piece I will head down there again."  

"I have had the fortunate chance of knowing Ronan for over ten years, and being one of his many repeat customers during that time. As always, his artwork blows me away, as does his true talent to turn any object into a remarkable tattoo. His true compassion for his clients makes one feel at ease, and his witty humor made my latest 3 hour sitting pass by in no time. I am honored to have his artwork on my body, and couldn't be happier with my latest ink."