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Austin Berry

Austin Berry

Born and raised in Texas, Austin Berry began his career in the tattoo industry in 2013. After a lifetimes worth of passion and dedication for everything in the art realm, he took an interest in taking on a new medium. He began his apprenticeship in a shop that saw his talent in drawing and painting, and thereafter, found his love for the industry. In early 2017, he decided to take the next leap and transfer his craft to San Diego, CA.

Austin focuses on a wide spectrum of styles from black and gray to full color pieces of all sizes, while taking the most interest in tackling vibrant color pieces involving, but not limited to, styles including new-school, neo-traditional and realism. He will always take the time to work with clients to guarantee a piece of art they'll be proud to wear for a lifetime.

For any consultations or bookings feel free to email him at:

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Full Color

American Traditional

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