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Getting a Tattoo in the Summer Versus The Winter

A tattoo can be a fun and permanent way to express yourself. However, many people don’t know that seasons can have a significant impact on your tattoo. While there is no “better” season to get your tattoo done, there are some differences in getting a tattoo in the summer versus the winter.

Getting a tattoo in the summer can be enticing because you will be able to show your tattoo off more. However, getting a tattoo in the summer also has the potential to impact the healing process that is going on. Tattoos can get infected or damaged due to direct contact with the sun and bacteria that can be found in water. Sweat can also have an impact on the healing process.

Getting a tattoo in the summer isn’t a problem, it just means you need to be more aware of cleaning your tattoo, keeping it out of direct sunlight in the immediate days following a new tattoo design, and keeping it covered while swimming during the first week of a new tattoo.

These potential problems don’t go away in the winter, they just aren’t as big of factors since we’re not tanning or swimming in lakes as much in the winter.

Getting a tattoo is a permanent alteration to your body and image. It is important to make sure that your tattoo heals properly, so it stays looking pristine for years to come. Not letting it heal properly has the potential to change the way it looks. Keeping it clean, dry, covered, and moisturized in the first days are essential tips to a great looking and healthy tattoo.

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