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How a Tattoo Artist Ensures Your Safety

Getting a tattoo can be a chance for you to express yourself in a completely different way. However, when you get a tattoo, you are exposing your body to a variety of bacteria that could lead to infection. A good and reputable tattoo artist will ensure the safety of their clients through proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

For starters, your tattoo artist will wash their hands in warm water and use soap. They will also use gloves and change these gloves between clients.

Cleansing and Disinfecting in Tattoo Shops

A tattoo parlor should be a sterile work environment. A high-grade disinfectant is used to disinfect the chairs, tray, cabinet tops, and any other piece of equipment that is involved with getting a tattoo. The tray is also covered with a new, non-penetrable surface after the tray has been sprayed down, in between each client.

The instruments should be removed from their sterile packaging and placed on the new tray surface. The needles are always new and disposable, and the ink bottle tips should never touch any cups or trays. These procedures should be standard in any tattoo shop and ensure that there is never cross-contamination from client to client.

Safety During The Tattoo

During the process of getting a tattoo, the artist will sterilize the skin area and remove any hair from the area. If for any reason the artist leaves during the tattoo they will wash their hands and put on new gloves upon their return. After the tattoo is finished, a sterile protective layer will cover the tattoo for your departure.

These protocols are standard operations at Kings Head Tattoo. Client safety is our number one focus, and a sterile tattoo shop is essential to that safety.

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