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The Latest Tattoo Trends

Like all forms of art that are constantly evolving, so are tattoo trends. What was popular years ago may not be so popular anymore, although some vintage-styles seem to never go away.

2020 Loves Color

One of the first trends of 2020 is using a more realistic color. Tattoos are generally getting more colorful, and those colors will lead to more realistic tattoos. Another tattoo trend is getting everyday items tattooed. For example, you could get a coffee mug, an avocado, window, or even a garden pot tattooed. Photographers with small cameras on their wrists, bird lovers with a small bird, and fishermen with a reel and rod. These items likely have a special meaning to that person and a story behind the tattoo.

This next tattoo design is going to make tattoos more visible, however, not all the way visible. The peekaboo design tattoos are those that are visible; however, they may not be fully visible. A great example of one would be getting a tattoo around your neck, where you can cover a majority but not all of it with a t-shirt. Peekaboo tattoos are fun since you can show as much or as little as you want on any given day.

Another trend of tattoos is going small and simple rather than large. You could get a simple word tattooed or a small object. These tattoos look simple and fit the trends of today. There are several areas of the body that might be getting tattooed more to go along with these simplistic designs. For example, you may get a tattoo behind your ear or on a finger.

Tattoos are changing to more simplistic designs. The large tattoos of the past may start to become less popular and eventually go out of style completely. Instead, people are appealing to a simple tattoo that can be shown if they want to but could also potentially be covered up. However, like all art, trends change and tattoo trends aren’t any different.

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